1st conceptual project ----- in-full:  www.EpitomePerennial.com
2nd conceptual project ----- in-full:  www.HollowDreamz.com 

SALLOUM is currently working on Energy & Rhythm -- his 3rd music project.
Thematically, E&R provokes toward an expansive awareness.
Lyrically, E&R will consist of personal and socially-conscious lyrics unto dope productions.
E&R is yet another evolutionary advancement toward greater levels of achievement.
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Charlottesville Virginia's Salloum started writing rhymes in 2007. After honing his skills for the next five years he released Epitome Perennial (2013) followed by HollowDreamz in 2014. Looking widely across various genres you’ll find a category of artists like Bob Marley, Mos Def, and Rage Against The Machine whose music hit on various levels; one, the sheer gut level – strong musicianship, attitude, and power; two, the emotional level – inspiration, justice, and empowerment; three, the intellectual level – articulate, poetic and thought-provoking lines that stick with you. Salloum’s artistic prowess belongs to this same category of artists. With his smooth delivery and unique poetry, Salloum explores universal ideas with his music.

Music Reviews for Epitome Perennial and HollowDreamz

The word to describe Salloum’s style would be refreshing. Check out Salloum’s music if you want to hear great, conscious music that is leading hip-hop in the right direction!   ― Leecarso, Renman Music & Business

With a thought inspired intro, you immediately get the impression that you will be listening to a dope EP - Epitome Perennial. “True Story” featuring John Lennon instantly received the mark of approval. “Call Of Duty” is another track that hits hard. All throughout, this 8-track project is a recommended to all rap heads around the world.   ― IndieRapBlog.com

Salloum's Epitome Perennial is an 8-track project with heavy message. Known for his lyricism, Salloum presents a political and humanitarian message in his latest release. We hear familiar quotes from John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and John F Kennedy. The track that stands out most is "Ooh La La Lah" with a hook derived from The Fugees' release with the same name. If you are looking for a solid 8-track release with heavy message, Salloum's "Epitome Perennial" is highly recommended.   ― PwrMoves.hiphop

HollowDreamz is a concept album that sets out Salloum's belief in challenging social constructs and the importance of the individual. From this you can already tell that Salloum is a more intellectual and deep thinking artist than most rappers. His rapping style is fast and flowing with a great capacity for rhyme and wordplay.  ― TheFaulknerReview.wordpress.com

This is the real deal. Charlottesville's own Salloum has a lyrical depth all his own that few mainstreamers can touch. Salloum is for lovers of Hip-Hop who expect and require a positive voice, someone who represents the consciousness of the people. Besides shattering the limits and expanding the possibilities of current hip-hop trends as a conscious and cultural force, “HollowDreamz” shines for its blend of diverse samples, infectious beats, and intelligent lyrics. Moreover it’s Salloum’s fiercely intelligent vision and his compelling delivery that makes the album totally worthwhile.   ― JamSphere.com